Status Survey of Non-Timber Forest Products (NTFPs) in Rolpa District

This study estimated distribution area of NTFP species in the district and calculated their stock in natural forest of Rolpa. This study estimated distribution, growing stock and Annual Allowable Harvest (AAH) of eleven NTFPs from Rolpa district. The actual distribution area of Pakhanbed was the highest (93735.18 ha) while that of Jatamasi was the lowest (629.29 ha) in entire Rolpa district.  Effective area of NTFPs was estimated for determining the growing stock of the NTFPs. Amalbed has highest density with 2750 plants/hectare while Sugandhakokila has the lowest density with 169 plants/hectare. The density of woody NTFPs is lower than density of herb.  Tejpat (leaf) is available in the highest amount with 14260.73 ton.  Effective area of species in district, density, growing stock and AAH of eleven NTFPs is presented in following table.

Funding Agency: 
DFO Rolpa
Start Date: 
23 January, 2018
End Date: 
10 July, 2018

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