Status Survey of Tejpat (Cinnamomum tamala) in Palpa District

This study has estimated the distribution, growing stock and annual allowable harvest of Tejpat in the Palpa district. This study revealed that most of the Tejpat is found on the private land of people established through plantation. Tejpat is distributed in 19539.52 ha of the Palpa district, and exist in 7 out of 10 local levels of Palpa.  Rainadevi Chhahara Rural Municipality has the highest distribution area while Tansen Municipality has the lowest distribution area of Tejpat. The effective area of this species was 5861.85 ha whereas average density was 185 plants/hectare.  Total fresh weight of bark and leaf were estimated to be 8892.43 ton and 19010.29 ton respectively in entire district. Similarly total dry weight of bark and leaf in the district was calculated as 5335.46 and 6273.40 ton  respectively. Total AAH of bark for the whole district was 762.21 ton. Total AAH of the leaf of Tejpat in the whole district was 4391.38 ton. The finding of this study shows that potential income from harvesting of bark and leaf of Tejpat in district is around NRs 270.022 million per year. The potential income from bark and leaf harvesting is around NRs 72.410 million and 197.612 million per year respectively.

Start Date: 
23 February, 2018
End Date: 
15 July, 2018

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