Completed Projects

Initial Environmental Examination Shuklaphanta National Park and its Buffer Zone Management Plan (2074/075-2078/079)

Shuklaphanta National Park is one of the critical wildlife habitats in Nepal’s Terai Arc Landscape of the Far-Western Development Region, covering an area of 305 sq. km. Shuklaphanta National Park was proposed as a hunting reserve in 1969 (2026 B.S.). The area was then gazetted as a wildlife reserve in 1973 (2032 B.S.) and National park in 2017 (2073 B.S.). It is developed as the prime habitat of swamp deer. It is named after the largest grassland, which is called “Shuklaphanta” in Nepali. It is homeland to Nepal’s, maybe even World’s, largest population of swamp deer.

Mid-Term Monitoring and Evaluation of The National Biodiversity Strategy and Action Plan 2014-2020

Three main objectives of the midterm review and evaluation of Nepal NBSAP (2014-2020) are to: (i) assess and review the progress of theNBSAP implementation by 2017, and find the gaps, constraints and challenges in implementation; (ii) mainstream and harmonize the biodiversity activities implemented by various organizations at national, province and local levels; and (iii) recommend areas of improvement to implement the NBSAP implementation on the ground in full phase as planned with respect to new federal structure of the country.

Status Survey of Tejpat (Cinnamomum tamala) in Palpa District

This study has estimated the distribution, growing stock and annual allowable harvest of Tejpat in the Palpa district. This study revealed that most of the Tejpat is found on the private land of people established through plantation. Tejpat is distributed in 19539.52 ha of the Palpa district, and exist in 7 out of 10 local levels of Palpa.  Rainadevi Chhahara Rural Municipality has the highest distribution area while Tansen Municipality has the lowest distribution area of Tejpat. The effective area of this species was 5861.85 ha whereas average density was 185 plants/hectare.

Environmental Assessment of Hotel Barahi, Kathmandu

The proposed hotel is located almost at the entry point of tourism hub, Keshar Mahal. This Hotel is proposed to conduct tourism promotion activities by providing hotel services i.e. food and accommodation. This building has been designed with an objective to provide facilities of catering, accommodation, conference, panoramic Mountain View, extended view of Narayan Hiti palace museum under a same roof. The proposed hotel is planned for providing facility of 99 rooms with roof top swimming pool conference and banquet hall. Double basement will solve pressure of parking in the project site.

Status Survey of Non-Timber Forest Products (NTFPs) in Rolpa District

This study estimated distribution area of NTFP species in the district and calculated their stock in natural forest of Rolpa. This study estimated distribution, growing stock and Annual Allowable Harvest (AAH) of eleven NTFPs from Rolpa district. The actual distribution area of Pakhanbed was the highest (93735.18 ha) while that of Jatamasi was the lowest (629.29 ha) in entire Rolpa district.  Effective area of NTFPs was estimated for determining the growing stock of the NTFPs.

Management Plan of Panchase Protection Forest, Kaski, Parbat & Syangja.

Panchase Protection Forest is associated with the boundary VDCs of Kaski, Parbat and Syangja districts of Western Development Region. This Protection Forest is significant in terms of its religious site, tourism, historical, ecological and environmentally. The five year management plan of this Protection forest was formed in active involvement and participation from entire stakeholders. A management committee and a executive committee is responsible to manage and conserve the area.

Wild Water Buffalo Conservation Project

Habitat Ecology, Feeding Ecology and Plant Nutrient Contents of Wild Water Buffalo (Bubalus arnee arnee). Study was funded by RSG, KNCF and IDEA WILD and conducted in Koshi Tappu Wild Life Reserve. Conservation Awareness and campaigns were also conducted in the project area.

Preparation of SFM Plan of 4 CFs of Gulmi districts

Comprehensive, implementive management plan with appropriate maps and plan for further years.


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